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Ballet- From babies to adults, this is the discipline of all dance. Teaching posture, poise, grace and musicality. Beginners to advanced.

Modern/jazz- Modern is a fabulous form of dance that covers all styles from lyrical to commercial dance; a great way of teaching children strength and control in a fun and energetic way.

Tap- From 4-18 years. This is a fun and challenging form of dance which promotes a combination of rhythm, timing and coordination.

Street Dance- 4-18 years. High energy dance class designed to build confidence and have fun by learning street dance routines to the latest tunes.

Drama - Group drama lessons where students are introduced to the performing arts. Classes include improvisation, movement, giving students the opportunity to learn different styles and techniques.

Stretch Class- 11-18 years. Stretches to help your flexibility and exercises to build strength. With a wide range of popular music throughout, creates a atmospheric environment to work hard and get results!

Adult Classes- Ballet Fit, Zumba, Dancercize.

The Fairies Ballet Classes-The Fairy Dance Program allows you and your child to immerse yourselves in the Fairies experience, and participate in a learning environment which uses music, movement and dance to develop children's cognitive, emotional and social needs.
By associating fairies with dancing, the art of dance is transformed into a magical experience that children will cherish. We will provide everything you need to bring magic into you and your child's life.

Acro- These classes encourage the students to be flexible and strong. They also learn gymnastic and acrobatic moves. This exercised-based class is a great foundation for building up strength and flexibility for those who wish to take their dancing to the next level. This class is also good for improving posture, fitness and technique.


Music Lessons - Private lessons in Keyboard, Guitar and Voice, Wednesday evenings.

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