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A uniform is an important addition to belonging to Beddow Academy. It creates an identity and sense of belonging both at the studio and in public areas.


Studio pride is a wonderful way for students to strive to be the best dancer they can be.


Our personalised uniform such as hoodies has been a great addition to our uniform and it is nice to see many students now wearing these to warm up in class and when arriving at the studio. It also shows everyone where they dance and that they are proud to be part of our studio.


Wearing the ISTD uniform encourages discipline. As much as dancing is, and should be enjoyable, discipline is required to ensure everyone in class receives a high standard of teaching. Uniform is a reminder that there are rules to follow and respect.


The uniform is very practical. It enables the teachers to assist students in learning to dance. It provides teachers with the ability to see all movement when giving instruction.


Wearing a uniform helps the students switch on to dancing when in class by association. It prevents them looking sloppy and untidy. A tidy outfit translates to a focused dancer.


Parents we do ask that you assist us here. There are many reasons why a uniform is beneficial and we would really appreciate it if you made sure your child has their correct uniform on when coming to class.


Help your child be proud to belong to Beddow Academy.

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